• More than twenty years ago, a better way of resolving civil disputes was developed in the United States. In the Collaborative Practice method, participants are self-empowered with input from an integrated team of professionals to brainstorm and craft their own settlement agreements. Clients work together in a respectful way, keeping in mind the importance of protecting their children from ...
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  • Attorney Lisa Zonder Featured in CDEI Newsletter

    || 12-Nov-2014

    Attorney Lisa Zonder, lead attorney at our firm, has been spotlighted in the Collaborative Divorce Education Institute's (CDEI) newsletter for her skill in family law, especially concerning the field of collaborative divorce. Attorney Zonder has worked for over 22 years as a family lawyer and mediator, allowing her to recognize the value of peaceful divorces. Attorney Zonder Emphasizes ...
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  • Divorce Attorney Lisa Zonder Joins ProVisors® Westlake II Professionals Group Founder of Westlake Village Zonder Family Law, Lisa Zonder is pleased to announce she has been named a member of the ProVisors Westlake II trusted advisors group. Westlake Village, Calif. August 7, 2014 – Zonder Family Law, a boutique law firm specializing in resolving divorce through incorporating out-of-court ...
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  • Separation Before Divorce?

    || 4-Aug-2014

    Have you wondered about the differences between separation and divorce? Zonder Family Law discusses important points about legal separation to help you make an informed decision about your own marriage. A legal separation is not a divorce. It does not end the marriage, and neither spouse can marry a different person until a divorce judgment has been entered by the court. Legal separation is an ...
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  • Five Tips for a Smoother Divorce

    || 31-Jul-2014

    Five Tips for a Smoother Divorce Most people have heard some pretty negative divorce stories. Friends, family members, co-workers—they all seem to have a divorce horror story! Typically these are extremely negative and worrisome examples. What about the other end of the spectrum? Do "smooth" divorces exist? Why don't more people talk about them? Zonder Family Law has ...
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  • MFT & Family Law Attorney Team Approach

    || 29-Jul-2014

    MFT & Family Law Attorney Team Approach Whether you're considering getting a divorce or you've already filed for divorce, you've probably heard of Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs). In this post, Zonder Family Law provides important information about MFTs to help you decide whether to use a therapist as a resource. With a MFT clients communicate better with each other and ...
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  • What is a No-Fault Divorce?

    || 24-Jul-2014

    Have you heard the term “no-fault” divorce? What does it really mean and how does it affect you? California divorce courts follow a “no-fault” standard, meaning that neither spouse must show that the other was “at fault” for the breakdown of the marriage. Either of you can end the marriage even if the other doesn’t agree. The court does not concern itself ...
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  • Is Divorce Mediation Right for You?

    || 17-Jul-2014

    There are many benefits to choosing divorce mediation over litigation, including a likely reduction in cost, stress, and time. Mediation is far less emotionally and mentally taxing than a traditional court divorce. Yet, mediation may not be the best option in certain situations. Zonder Family Law explores four common issues that might impede successful mediation so you can decide what is best for ...
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  • Is Collaborative Divorce Right for You?

    || 2-Jul-2014

    There are many positive aspects of collaborative divorce. It is a client-centered, cooperative, and holistic process. You and your spouse have a safe space to can work out an agreement in a private setting, without the stress of going to court. In this article, Zonder Family Law examines seven key aspects of collaborative divorce so you can decide for yourself whether it’s the right option ...
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  • Do I Need a Divorce Forensic Accountant?

    || 28-Jun-2014

    Why would I need a forensic accountant for my divorce case? This is a common question asked by our clients. Family law matters are unavoidably fraught with financial issues. You may be desperately relying on child or spousal support, or you may be obligated to pay child support or spousal support. You may have property to divide and some assets are subject to tax if liquidated. Whether you are ...
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  • Int'l Child Abduction Deadline Enforced

    || 19-Jun-2014

    In the March 2014 Lozano v. Alvarez case, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled it cannot change the one-year deadline set forth in the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. The Hague Convention is a treaty that protects children who have been abducted to a foreign country. If the parent requesting the child’s return files a petition within one year of ...
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  • Judge Matthew P. Guasco, Family Law Judge

    || 26-May-2014

    Zonder Family Law is excited to welcome Judge Matthew P. Guasco to the Family Law Bench of the Ventura County Superior Court. Judge Guasco was first appointed to the bench by Governor Jerry Brown in December 2011 where he presided over the misdemeanor and infraction traffic calendar. In 2014, Judge Guasco began serving as the presiding family law judge in Department 32. Judge Guasco received his ...
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  • Divorce Rates Up with Recovering Economy

    || 23-May-2014

    It’s quite interesting to see how the economy and divorce rates rise and fall together. A number of studies have linked a faltering economy with a lower divorce rate, and a booming economy with a higher divorce rate. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, divorce rates dipped during the 18-month recession, but have risen steadily since June 2009. So, what gives? One theory is that ...
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  • Zonder Family Law Conejo Chamber Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    || 12-May-2014

    Westlake Village Zonder Family Law is pleased to announce it has joined the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce. On Thursday, March 6 Chamber leaders and members welcomed Lisa Zonder and staff into the local business organization with a private ribbon cutting ceremony. Westlake Village, March 5, 2014 – Zonder Family Law, a boutique law firm specializing in resolving divorce through ...
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  • 6 Divorce-Related Apps

    || 4-May-2014

    Divorce is stressful. With today’s technology, a divorce app may be just what you need to quickly find an answer or a management tool to help during the process. We rely on our smartphones and tablets for so much—they direct us to a new restaurant, entertain us with games, track our physical activity, provide us with real-time weather reports and more. In a world dominated by quick and ...
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  • Enhanced Team Mediation for Divorcing Spouses

    || 2-Apr-2014

    WHAT IS IT? Teamwork is not only important for the Winter Olympics but also in divorce. Consider how the popular sport of bobsledding represents a team effort. From a standing start, the crew pushes the sled, then boards while running. At first, the sled is steered by grooves in the ice. After passing through the starting area, however, the pilot must take over this important job. During the race, ...
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  • Ventura County-based Zonder Family Law is pleased to announce it has opened a new office in the city of Beverly Hills. The firm will provide Mediation and Collaborative Divorce work to Beverly Hills residents and surrounding Los Angeles communities. Westlake Village, March 5, 2014 – Zonder Family Law, a boutique law firm specializing in resolving divorce through incorporating out-of-court ...
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  • Preparing for Child Custody Evaluation

    || 18-Mar-2014

    Confidentiality and evaluator access to privileged records You must first know that court ordered examinations are not privileged. Make sure you discuss this with your Ventura divorce lawyer so you can decide how to proceed. It is best to be open with these proceedings, and failure to provide the evaluator with releases can affect the evaluator’s recommendations or final report, but you do ...
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  • Your and Your Spouse's Depositions

    || 12-Mar-2014

    There may be a point during the divorce process when the divorce lawyer of your spouse will take your deposition. Similarly, your divorce attorney can take your spouse’s deposition. A deposition typically happens in a conference room in the office of either the family or spouse’s attorney. If your deposition is taken, you will be placed under oath and interrogated by your ...
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  • Dividing Marital Assets in California

    || 12-Feb-2014

    Couples going through a divorce must determine how to divide their property and debts, also known as their marital assets. If a couple cannot manage the division of their marital assets alone or even with the help of a Los Angeles family attorney, they will end up having the court divide it for them. Community Property v. Separate Property Under California’s community property laws, assets ...
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  • Factors to Consider When Calculating Alimony Payments

    || 3-Feb-2014

    The divorce court considers many factors when determining the alimony award. Key circumstances the court will consider include the standard of living, and the taxability of payments. Your family attorney can look at these factors ahead of time to get an idea of how much alimony you will be awarded. Standard of Living The standard of living that you and your spouse enjoyed during the course of your ...
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  • More Factors to Consider When Calculating Alimony Payments

    || 31-Jan-2014

    There is no guaranteed formula that a divorce lawyer can use to calculate alimony payments in California. However, there are various factors that you and your lawyer can consider to guess at what your alimony payments might be. Property Division One of the major factors the court will consider in determining alimony payments is what assets the spouse has received in the division of the marital ...
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  • Budgeting During Divorce: Food & Clothing Expenses

    || 29-Jan-2014

    Once of the most important parts of the divorce process is to create a reasonable budget that encompasses all the basic needs of the divorcing couple and their children, if any. But creating a budget is not an easy process and demands the help of an experienced divorce lawyer. How to Effectively Budget The first step to effectively budget for important expenses, such as food and clothing, is to ...
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  • If you are going through a divorce and are financially strained in meeting all of your obligations, your family attorney can help you create a needs hierarchy to determine which bills should be paid by order of importance. This is especially important to create if both you and your spouse are in financial distress. Basic Divorce Needs Hierarchy The basic divorce-needs hierarchy is categorized as: ...
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  • California is a community property state, which means that generally, debts incurred by either spouse during the marriage belong to both equally. Unless the spouses entered into their own agreement as to the division of debts, the court will order that community debts be equally divided between the spouses upon dissolution of the marriage. However, there are some exceptions to this rule that you ...
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