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Do you feel pressures of divorce crashing down on you? When mental, emotional, and financial pressures begin to mount, the feeling of stress during a divorce can often be incredibly overwhelming. Without the right legal guidance, you may end up making snap decisions that could have long-lasting and life-changing impacts on your family's dynamic.

The mishandling of a divorce can be extremely harmful. It can cause distress and strain on all members of the family, and can even distract you and your family from moving forward with your new lives. Dealing with a divorce properly and collaboratively will be crucial—not only to you and your former spouse, but to other members of your family as well. While courtroom litigation is sometimes a necessity, there are many situations in which working together with one's spouse and reaching an out-of-court settlement is the most beneficial option. At Zonder Family Law, we can help you find the resolution method that is most appropriate for your divorce or family law needs.

Are you considering divorce? Are you finding it difficult to manage complex family law-related decisions? If so, contact our Westlake Village family law attorneys so we can assist you through the process .

How Our Westlake Village Divorce Attorneys Can Help You

Founded as a niche family law boutique in 2003, Zonder Family Law has been devoted to helping men, women, and families throughout Westlake Village and Beverly Hills with complex divorce-related matters. We also serve clients in many other parts of Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Unlike some other law firms, Zonder Family Law offers a diverse range of options to help families resolve their legal matters.

Our Westlake Village and Beverly Hills family law attorneys are dedicated to helping people solve problems and avoid conflicts whenever possible. As seasoned trial lawyers, we have seen the heavy toll that drawn-out divorce litigation can have on families, both financially and emotionally. We can provide you with effective alternatives to litigation. If it turns out that you need to take your divorce to court, we'll assist you in making sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. We are here to make certain you are never alone at any stage of your divorce or family law case. Whether you are looking to involve other CPAs and other professionals in your divorce through Team Mediation or you are looking to have a lawyer-to-lawyer settlement reached through cooperative law, we are here to meet your needs!

Our comprehensive family law services include:

We handle all aspects of divorce and family law matters, including legal separations, child custody, child support, spousal support (alimony), paternity, and property division. Our skilled and experienced team can work with expert forensic accountants who can uncover any hidden assets or accounts, especially in high net-worth divorces and divorces that may involve a family-owned business or self-employed spouse.

Our firm prides itself on being extremely organized and thorough. We are ready to prepare and familiarize ourselves with all the intimate details of your case. By paying close attention to factors that other lawyers often miss, we can help you progress and settle your divorce matter with a high level of efficiency.

Our Early Convictions: Why Family Law is Important

No matter how common divorce may be, very few things can make you feel more isolated and alone. The feelings and emotions that you are experiencing are unique to your own situation and to your family. It can often feel as though no one understands what you are going through—even those who are closest to you. Our founder, Attorney Lisa Zonder, can empathize with your pain. Having gone through a divorce, our lead attorney can relate to how you may be feeling or what you may be thinking. Though this time in your life may be marked by anxiety and stress, we are here to reassure you that life does go on after a divorce. Life is much greater than a mere legal dispute - and Attorney Zonder's holistic approach is proof of that statement.

We fully believe that each and every family law case should be handled with a personal touch, designed to allow the divorcing couple to improve their chances of an amicable resolution. Our firm recognizes the strain and stress that are associated with court proceedings, especially in highly sensitive cases such as divorce. We strive to provide alternative methods that allow entire families to transition smoothly into the next chapter of the life, without disdain for either party.

Seek Counsel from a Qualified Beverly Hills Family Lawyer

Attorney Zonder, has been board-certified by the State Bar of California as a specialist in family law, which is one of the highest and most prestigious legal accomplishments within her field. She has served as host of her own divorce talk radio show on AM 1590 KTVTA ("Divorce—Lisa Zonder Style"). Zonder Family Law was established upon the notion of helping and encouraging families to get through heated divorces as cooperatively and affordably as possible. If you are currently going through a divorce or are making the decision to end your marriage collaboratively, our firm is here to help.

Contact a Westlake Village / Beverly Hills family lawyer at our firm and request your case consultation, which will only cost $50 for the initial 30 minutes. We would be happy to meet with you privately and determine how our services may benefit your family at this time.

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