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At Zonder Family Law, we have been guiding couples through divorce for more than a decade. We personally understand how stressful facing divorce can be for many individuals. This is why we go the extra mile to help our clients walk away from divorce in the most cost-effective and least traumatic way possible. Mediation makes this a reality.

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Mediation is an effective alternative to a traditional divorce and is growing in popularity due to its many benefits. Not only does it allow individuals to manage the cost and timeframe of their divorce, but it also allows them to privately resolve their matter outside of a courtroom. With the assistance of a mediator who facilitates the decision-making process, you can maintain hands-on control of your case through resolution-based strategies.

Zonder Family Law can Help You Through Mediation

When it comes to picking a mediator for your divorce, you need to choose someone with the proper training and qualifications. Our firm's founding attorney has completed rigorous family law mediation training at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University School of Law and is certified by the State Bar of California as a specialist in family law. She is also a volunteer Settlement Conference Attorney / Mediator at the Ventura, Los Angeles, Van Nuys and North San Diego County courts.

Our compassionate Westlake Village family lawyers have the legal insight and resources to help you reach an amicable agreement with your spouse. We also offer deferred resolution services, for any needed future consults with qualified specialists. Many of our clients have heard very little about mediation or have many concerns about the process. This is why we have compiled some helpful information to shed some light on this divorce alternative.

If you are considering a mediated divorce, please visit these pages for more information:

Also, don't forget to ask us about our Team Mediation (or Enhanced Mediation) approach. This is a form of mediation that involves the collaboration of various types of professionals in the divorce process. These professionals work together to ensure that the client is fully support in all aspects of the divorce. Team Mediation will usually involve your legal team forming strategized partnerships with certified public accountants (CPAs) and mental health professionals.

For the compassionate and results-driven mediation services you need for your divorce, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss the details of your family law matter during a confidential case orientation.

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