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It is no secret that divorce can be among the most stressful and overwhelming legal decisions that a person makes during a lifetime. Because divorce is often seen as tumultuous and overbearingly expensive, many people hesitate to take the necessary steps to begin and complete a divorce.

Fortunately, as society continues to evolve and reform, new innovations and alternative legal methods have emerged as efficient solutions to many of the problems that a litigated divorce can bring. Private judging is one option that many divorcing spouses turn to as a way to keep their personal affairs private during the divorce process. If you are considering a private judging as you and your spouse move forward in a divorce, speak immediately with our skilled and knowledgeable Westlake Village family law attorneys.

At Zonder Family Law, we have proudly served families throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties since 2003 . Whether you are working through a high net worth divorce or you are trying to move forward in the most amicable manner possible, we are ready to provide you with the guidance and support that you need to make informed, empowered decisions for the future.

What is a private judging?

Private judging is the process by which a separating couple can elect a judge to oversee their divorce. Their privately selected judge will assume many of the same responsibilities and duties that a trial judge would have, such as reviewing evidence and rendering a final decision based upon the collective information displayed at the hearing. Whereas a traditional trial would complete a divorce publicly, a private judging can be held in discretion according to the separating couple's wishes.

The virtually endless benefits of a private judging include the following:

  • The entire divorce process can be expedited.
  • Divorcing couples will not have to wait to open a case so they can be heard on a court docket.
  • Divorcing couples will not have to pay their divorce attorneys for the time spent on waiting for their case to be heard by a public trial judge.
  • The parties in a divorce can choose the private judge who will oversee their case rather than relying on a stranger in the public family court system.
  • A private judging allows for collaborative and creative decisions to be made between the divorcing spouses , rather than through litigation.

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The way in which you resolve your divorce will greatly impact both you and your loved ones, such as your children. A mishandled divorce can result in emotional, psychological, and financial scars that could last a lifetime. By keeping your divorce issues private and within confidential parameters, you can avoid costly legal exposure in the courtroom.

To learn more about private judging and how our services may benefit your family law matter, call our office today and schedule your confidential case consultation .

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