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You shouldn’t go through the uncertainties of your divorce alone. The expert attorneys at Zonder Family Law Group are here to help you think clearly and quarterback your legal path forward to a better future.

Quarterbacking Your Legal Path Forward to
a Good Life After Divorce

Zonder Family Law Group is your Divorce Quarterback

We routinely collaborate with financial and mental health experts. Just as in a football team, a Divorce Quarterback huddles with the entire team and calls the plays, initiates action, and calls the snap. Getting the right results given your complex financial and emotional state isn’t achieved without an expert divorce team all working in coordination and led by your Divorce Quarterback.


Don’t go through the uncertainties of your divorce alone.

Our California divorce attorneys will navigate you through this time.

Using our “3D” holistic method will help you increase your courage, confidence, and financial and emotional well-being to survive the divorce process and then thrive as you move forward.

We know the value of a team.

The value of a team is well-known, whether it’s to ensure better outcomes, drive innovative solutions, reduce stress, or get the “full-lens picture” from the input of professionals with diverse skills. When divorce happens, the legal, financial, and emotional stakes for you and your family are extremely high. Our experienced and results-driven divorce attorneys understand the complex issues that come with ending a long term-marriage and can assemble the right team to give you clarity and peace of mind.

Just looking at the law isn’t enough.

In order to achieve the best outcome for our clients, Zonder Family Law Group utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to family law that integrates the range of issues you encounter as you go through a divorce. Your “3D” experience typically involves legal, financial, and emotional dimensions.

We quarterback your divorce team.

With our custom “3D” approach, our divorce attorneys serve as “quarterbacks” who formulate your legal strategies (offense and defense). Your “quarterback” gathers the financial professionals, mental health, and real estate professionals and calls the play. We may also partner with other strategists (such as business valuation and retirement experts) as needed. Not unlike the NFL, most divorce clients have the equivalent of a “salary cap” or how much they can spend on a team. We honor that legitimate consideration. For example, in mid-to large-size cases, we create a case assessment including strategy and an estimated budget in partnership with our clients.

Our Philosophy

The divorce attorneys at Zonder Family Law Group believe that your divorce is unique to you. This is why we create custom-tailored and creative settlement-oriented solutions in every case we handle. Our goal is to holistically serve our clients.

Whether you are worried about your children, your finances, or any other issue which may arise during a divorce, our extraordinary family law attorneys in California deliver custom-curated solutions for every scenario, designed to protect your privacy and to keep you and your family out of court.

Our Team Protects Your Wealth, Family, and Emotional Well-Being by Delivering Custom-Curated Family Law Solutions

It’s too easy to launch a courtroom battle that ends up costing you a fortune. Our creative and solutions-focused divorce lawyers use advanced, strategic planning to help you achieve swift and effective outcomes that meet your objectives. Our goal is to close your family law case in a way that optimizes your finances, preserves family harmony, and puts you on track to succeed personally after divorce. Services we offer but are not limited to::

  • Divorce and property division, including high-value asset cases
  • ​Child custody, child support, and parental rights
  • ​Post-judgment modification of orders
  • ​Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Alimony and spousal support
  • Business and real property divisions

If you are in the Greater Los Angeles, Ventura, or Santa Barbara County areas and need to speak to an experienced team of divorce attorneys, contact Zonder Family Law Group today.

See What Our Clients Say About the Zonder Legal Team

Rick L (attorney)

Lisa and her staff … zealously advocate her client’s position “I have worked with Lisa Zonder’s office on a number of matters over the years and have found both Lisa and her staff to not only thoroughly and zealously advocate her client’s position, but to do so in a manner which is both professional and consistent with the highest ideals of the legal profession …”


I intend to use you for any needs I may have in the legal arena. “Lisa, “I want to extend a big THANK YOU for your efforts in what I see as a real win for me and my family. Your professional manner and attention to my needs are truly appreciated. “I want you to know that if anyone I know ever asks for a recommendation for assistance with a family law matter, I would recommend you and your firm without hesitation. “Just wanted to let you know G… and I appreciate your talents and efforts! “Thanks – hopefully I won’t be needing your services in the near future…but when the time comes, I intend to use you for any needs I may have in the legal arena. “Warmest regards to you and your staff.”


Your consistent and honest legal advice has been invaluable to me. “Thank you Lisa for your support. This has been a difficult period but I am confident that for the sake of my family and myself this is the best outcome. Your consistent and honest legal advice has been invaluable to me.”