Divorce Talk Radio: November 2, 2013


Featuring Lisa ZonderJerry Cohen and Dr. Barbara Dobrin. Dr. Dobrin discusses love addiction, Internet dating and divorce, and avoidance addicts.

Social Media and Internet Dating With Dr. Barbara Dobrin

My guest this week on Divorce – Lisa Zonder Style was Barbara Dobrin, Ph.D., ART, CET-BC, MFT. What do all these abbreviations mean? That Dr. Dobrin is a marriage and family therapist, art therapist, hypnotist, and a drug and alcohol counselor. She’s also an artist who makes magic wands. The show aired this Saturday, November 2, 2013, from 3:00 to 4:00 PM on radio station KVTA AM 1590. We had a lively discussion about internet dating (cheating spouses as well as post divorce dating), social media and privacy.

Some topics we discussed on this show include:

What is a love addict?

When do I ask if someone I’ve met online is married?

What if I find out the person I met online is married?

My spouse has been coming home later and later at night and staying up late on the internet. Is my spouse having an affair? What should I do about my suspicions?

What if you think your spouse is having an internet affair? Or perhaps you are ready to begin dating. How do you present yourself as well as protect yourself from others seeking to have an affair?

What are the risks of having a Facebook page, tweeting, and sending Instagrams?

How far can you go to get “the dirt” on your spouse? What if your spouse is spying on you? The legal and emotional costs of spying may be higher than you realize.

The phone number during Divorce–Lisa Zonder Style at KVTA is (805) 650-1590. You are also welcome to email Lisa Zonder prior to the show to lisa@divorcetalkradiocalifornia.com. These topics are not only important for people going through a divorce, they apply to just about everybody who communicates on the internet, so mark your calendar and make a radio date for Saturday afternoon at 3:00.