Financial Specialist Role in Collaborative Divorce

The divorce process can inflame a family’s financial security. Or, with brainstorming and creative solution-seeking methods of collaborative divorce, it can be a well-constructed transformative plan for the future. We often suggests a financial specialist be brought onto the collaborative divorce team to offer the best expertise possible.

Role of the financial specialist

1. Neutrality: The parties jointly select the financial specialist who is a neutral participant. Unlike the attorneys, who each represent a party, the financial specialist is looking at the whole financial picture, without seeking to favor one person over another.

2. Organizing and analyzing: Divorce clients often need assistance in pulling together all the pertinent information necessary to reveal their true financial situation. The financial advisor will make sure all the pieces of the financial puzzle are put in place for the attorneys to see the whole picture. Then, the financial specialist will analyze the situation and the possible ramifications for the couple’s future.

3. Education: Often people don’t fully understand their situation or their financial options. The financial advisor will work with the clients to give them a better working knowledge of money management.

4. Options: While the financial specialist does not set out the division of assets and liabilities, he or she does provides creative options for the parties to consider given their situation and likely possibilities for the foreseeable future.

The goal of the financial specialist and all the team members of collaborative divorce is to give the couple a secure financial future. Divorce does not have to leave people with financial issues that remain unanswered.

At Zonder Family Law in Southern California, Lisa Zonder and her legal team offer clients the win/win options of collaborative divorce. This is done by empowering clients to actively participate and deliberate to reach decisions that meet their specific needs and interests with input from trained professionals.

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