Collaborative Divorce is a team approach

How you divorce is changing in Southern California. Traditionally, couples divorced by going to court and having a judge divide their assets, debts, and decide their children’s futures. The emotional needs of the family were basically ignored. Divorce often left people damaged, both financially and emotionally.

The concept of collaborative divorce has been growing over the past two decades to offer clients a better and more comprehensive method of transforming their lives. In collaborative divorce, clients agree to forgo a court trial and instead engage a collaborative divorce team to help resolve any unanswered questions so that the clients can end their marriage and begin a new lives.

The Team:

Collaborative Divorce Lawyers: Each party has his or her own legal professional to navigate the legal issues of divorce and provide advice on creating the final decree, including terms of a parenting plan, and any other legal documents necessary for the client’s situation.

Divorce Coaches: Because divorce is about so much more than assets and liabilities, mental health professionals such as psychologists and therapists are now being trained as divorce coaches. They understand the emotional complexities of ending a marriage and meet individually with their clients to support them through intense emotional times and help them avoid making decisions at a time that can create clouded emotional thinking. Coaches stand by ready to provide clients with tools to have a voice and articulate their interest and negotiate meaningfully.

Collaborative Financial Specialist: This team member is often a CPA or CFP who can act as an impartial neutral advisor to the clients. The financial specialist collects all of the financial data and paperwork and helps to organized and identify the financial issues for the clients. The financial specialist stands-by ready to answer questions for the clients, help with projections, develop options, and evaluate choices. Their input gives the clients and their team members the information they need to devise the best plan for their financial future.

Child Specialist: This team member is a licensed mental health professional who has completed collaborative divorce training. The role of this team member is to give a voice to the child. The child specialist offers information to parents about the effect of divorce on children and suggests steps to offset the stress caused by divorce. The child specialist analyzes the age and development of the children involved and counsels on co-parenting options. Their input and education helps the clients create their Parenting Plan.

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