Attorney Lisa Zonder Featured in CDEI Newsletter

Attorney Lisa Zonder, lead attorney at our firm, has been spotlighted in the Collaborative Divorce Education Institute’s (CDEI) newsletter for her skill in family law, especially concerning the field of collaborative divorce. Attorney Zonder has worked for over 22 years as a family lawyer and mediator, allowing her to recognize the value of peaceful divorces.

Attorney Zonder Emphasizes Collaborative Family Law

The Collaborative Divorce Education Institute is a learning center dedicated to teaching professionals on the best ways to foster alternative types of divorce and providing the general public with the knowledge and resources to peacefully restructure their families. The institute intends to make these options available to more families across Southern California who may not realize there are alternatives besides litigation to handle their separation. CDEI encourages collaborative divorce, mediation, and the latte method as the best ways to have a successful divorce and a bright future.

There are endless reasons why Attorney Zonder was chosen by CDEI for this honor. Attorney Zonder does not only show a willingness to work with her clients on cheaper and easier alternatives to traditional divorce, she makes it a priority.

Only some of what makes Attorney Zonder stand out:

  • Completion of over 150 hours of mediation and collaborative divorce training classes
  • Hosted “Divorce: Lisa Zonder Style” on weekly bases on KVTA 1590 AM to promote collaborative divorce as an option
  • Published a chapter in Inside the Minds called “Collaborative Divorce Differs from Litigation: Assessing Whether the Collaborative Divorce Model is Appropriate”
  • Serves on the Board of Directors for Collaborative Practice California and
  • Appeared as a lecturer and a current member of the San Fernando Valley Collaborative Professional

Attorney Zonder is a leader in the movement to popularize collaborative divorce and brings its practices to the mainstream. For those interested in learning more about collaborative divorce and whether this is an option for you, our firm focuses on collaborative divorce law and how we can use a team to give you and your family the peaceful divorce you need.