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The mediation team at Zonder Family Law Group is here to guide you throughout the divorce process. Zonder Family Law Group also has the ability to collaborate with financial experts, divorce coaches, and other allied professionals as needed in order to utilize a 360-degree, holistic approach to settling your case.

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We’ve all heard or experienced the traumatic tales experienced by parents, friends, or colleagues going through a Family Court divorce. The court system is overburdened and fiscally impacted due to staff layoffs, court closures, and insufficient time to hear all the important information on the witness stand. Recent accounts are that 40% or more of a family court judge’s caseload involves domestic violence matters.

In addition, litigation through the court is often very expensive. For many couples, a mediated divorce can reduce costs, save time, and decrease the emotional impact when compared to litigation.

Why Choose Us?

Zonder Family Law, established in 2003, offers creative, including mediation, for resolving conflicts. With personal experience in the divorce process, we understand the challenges of choosing a Ventura County divorce attorney and mediator. Our areas of expertise include limited scope representation, unbundled services, and a dedicated team of experienced mediators. We empower clients to actively participate in decision-making, saving time and money. At Zonder Family Law, we provide tailored solutions and alternative dispute resolution methods to meet your unique needs.

Custom legal services to fit your particular situation

Specialized services and expertise

Access and availability

Compassionate and client-centered

Relentless advocate on your behalf

Unbundled services and no commitment needed

Divorce coaching for lawyers and clients by Divorce Clarity Coaching

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Zonder Legal Team Client Success Stories

Rick L (attorney)

Lisa and her staff … zealously advocate her client’s position “I have worked with Lisa Zonder’s office on a number of matters over the years and have found both Lisa and her staff to not only thoroughly and zealously advocate her client’s position, but to do so in a manner which is both professional and consistent with the highest ideals of the legal profession …”


I intend to use you for any needs I may have in the legal arena. “Lisa, “I want to extend a big THANK YOU for your efforts in what I see as a real win for me and my family. Your professional manner and attention to my needs are truly appreciated. “I want you to know that if anyone I know ever asks for a recommendation for assistance with a family law matter, I would recommend you and your firm without hesitation. “Just wanted to let you know G… and I appreciate your talents and efforts! “Thanks – hopefully I won’t be needing your services in the near future…but when the time comes, I intend to use you for any needs I may have in the legal arena. “Warmest regards to you and your staff.”


Your consistent and honest legal advice has been invaluable to me. “Thank you Lisa for your support. This has been a difficult period but I am confident that for the sake of my family and myself this is the best outcome. Your consistent and honest legal advice has been invaluable to me.”

– M.A.

I really appreciate all you have done and the timely manner you have dealt with this issue “Lisa, I have received it thank you very much. I really appreciate all you have done and the timely manneryou have dealt with this issue! Thanks again.”

About Our Team

Protecting Local Families Since 2003

Founding Attorney Lisa R. Zonder has more than 20 years of legal experience exclusively in the area of family law. As a board-certified family law specialist who is certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, Attorney Zonder brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Additionally, having gone through a divorce herself, she is able to identify closely and empathetically with her clients.

Divorce Mediation and Dispute Resolution Experience

Property issues

  • Division of real properties including family residence, investment properties, business interests, personal, and intangible property
  • Division of business interests including medical practices, law practices, dental practices, and financial services practices
  • Division of pensions, 401K, stock options, stock, and other retirement investments
  • Complex marital estates

Custody and support matters

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support or alimony
  • Modification of support or custody

Marital agreements

  • Premarital agreements

Post-judgment issues

  • Modification of support if jobs or salaries change
  • Modification of custody as children get older and circumstances change

FAQs for Consultation for Mediation

What is included in a mediation consultation?

  • The initial consultation describes the mediation process and how it differs from litigation and Collaborative processes.
  • A consultation allows you and the neutral mediator to assess whether there is a good fit.
  • Experienced professionals handling divorce matters need to understand the couple’s/family’s issues to properly assess fit for mediation and the attorney/client relationship.

Should I meet with the mediator alone or with my spouse?

  • Advantages of a joint consultation:
    • Helps maintain the mediator’s neutrality should you wish to engage the work beyond a consultation.
    • Both clients hear the same information at the same time which decreases confusion/misunderstandings.
    • Cost-effectiveness.
    • Allows the mediator to get a feel for the chemistry between the mediator and clients.
  • ZFLG offers private mediation meetings since some clients feel more comfortable being transparent without the other spouse present.

What is the nature of confidentiality during a consultation?

  • When only one spouse has met the mediator, they will disclose to the other spouse that you have already consulted. For this reason, the mediator discourages clients from providing confidential information at the initial consult.
  • When spouses opt to consult individually rather than jointly, there will be no confidentiality if the other spouse/parent becomes involved, although the mediator will not share details unnecessarily with the other spouse.
  • An individual spouse who has not consulted is offered the opportunity to consult privately as well, before proceeding.

If I engage in a mediation consultation, am I guaranteed the option to move forward as a client?

  • Engaging in a mediation consultation does not necessarily mean that ZFLG will take your case.
  • Taking your case and staying engaged with your case will depend on a number of factors, some of which are described below.

How do you know we are a good fit for the services the mediator provides?

  • The initial consultation will help us assist the mediator to make this determination.
  • As the process unfolds, we can continue to assess the suitability and fit of mediation.

How can I gain more information about you that can help us make a decision about whether to pursue your services?

  • There is considerable in information on the Zonder Family Law Group website.
  • Come prepared with specific questions about your areas of concern during your consultation.