Child Informed Mediation

Because children related issues are an important and emotionally driven part of any divorce proceeding, experienced divorce attorneys recommend that their client’s divorce mediation to be more focused on children.

One divorce mediation technique that focuses on the children of a divorcing couple is “Child Informed Mediation.” This type of mediation offers a targeted approach to family dispute resolution that is hugely benefited by collaboration with mental health professionals who will bring attention to child development issues.

Involvement of Child Specialists

This type of divorce mediation involves the assistance of a child specialist who will spend time with your child to determine his or her interests and needs.  During the divorce mediation, the specialist will inform you and your spouse about your child’s experience of the divorce and his or her expressed wishes and unspoken developmental needs.

An honest report by a neutral third party of the child’s journey enhances outcomes and softens you and your spouse’s reactivity,while provides a perspective that otherwise may be absent. This will also allow both of you to drop your battle positions and listen to what you each need to do to make co-parenting a successful option.

Why Child Informed Mediation Works

This type of divorce mediation is designed to ensure that your precious children are the focal point for working through the conflicts of your divorce. It allows the parties to make co-parenting solutions the priority of the divorce and to modify their conduct accordingly.

We Can Help

If you are going through a divorce with the goal of reducing the impact on your child as much as possible, you should choose to enter into a divorce mediation that is child focused.

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