Children and Divorce

Ventura Child Custody Lawyer Lisa R. Zonder


Children’s needs during a divorce are pretty basic. A Ventura child custody lawyer can give you the best advice on handling your divorce while paying attention to your children’s needs.


Ventura child custody lawyerWe all know that children need food and shelter; divorce doesn’t change this. However, divorce may cause children to question whether they are loved and will be taken care of. Parents should reassure children often. Give children basic information that is age appropriate. For example, parents should tell the children that they are getting divorced. However, it is usually not appropriate to tell them why the parents are getting divorced. Zonder Family Law works with child-centered therapists, who are often a good resource for the best way to break the news.


Structure is extremely reassuring to children. Consistent schedules and routines go far in letting them know that they are taken care of.


Children tend to approach divorce the same way the parents approach it. If parents are overly emotional and unable to cope, the children will likely taken on their parent’s stress and also be unable to cope. If parents acknowledge the difficulty but act confidently and reliably, children will feel reassured.


It’s important to closely monitor children’s coping processes during divorce. It is normal for children’s development to be delayed and for children to regress a bit during divorce. Children usually rebound from these setbacks as the new family structure stabilizes. However, if the regression is extreme or a child is acting destructively, seek immediate professional help.


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