6 Divorce-Related Apps

Divorce related apps

appstorDivorce is stressful. With today’s technology, a divorce app may be just what you need to quickly find an answer or a management tool to help during the process. We rely on our smartphones and tablets for so much—they direct us to a new restaurant, entertain us with games, track our physical activity, provide us with real-time weather reports and more. In a world dominated by quick and easy-to-access information, is it any wonder that issues related to divorce are also covered with apps.

Check out six apps we found helpful.

The Divorce Log
This app helps you calendar important dates related to your divorce. For example, spousal and child support due dates, child visitation schedules, and expense receipts for reimbursable costs can all be recorded. By keeping this information in one place, The Divorce Log keeps you organized. The information can even be forwarded to an email address, which is convenient if you want to share information with your former spouse, your attorney, or the Department of Child Support Services.

iSplit Divorce
This app allows you to use icons to designate the value of items, such as real property and vehicles. iSplit keeps track of the value of each item and tallies the total value assigned to each party. This information can then be converted to a spreadsheet outlining the proposed property division. iSplit can therefore be useful in planning settlement proposals and evaluating settlement options.

Parenting Apart
This app offers parents advice in a searchable format. For example, you can search: “How to co-parent” or “How to help children adjust” amongst other topics. This app was developed by an experienced divorce coach and parent educator, and the information provided is intended to help children of divorce make a smooth transition.

This app lets you manage visitation schedules and associated costs. When one parent inputs a visitation date, the other parent instantly sees it. The app also totals all child-related expenses, and synchronizes the custodial parent’s cost. This saves parents the hassle of emailing and texting each other regarding the children’s expenses.

Daily Connect
This app facilitates communication between parents and their childcare provider. A child’s mom, dad, and caregiver all get the same information in real time. Information such as time of feedings, naps, and diaper changes can be recorded and shared.

My Thought Coach
This app offers monthly meditations, led by certified fitness and meditation expert, Stin Hansen. Stin provides practical tips on a wide range of topics that may be relevant to divorcing or divorced persons, including: addiction, anxiety and worry, relationships, and health and fitness.

At Zonder Family Law we’ve provided a quick breakdown of six popular apps that may be useful for divorcing and divorced people. The apps mentioned are not intended to replace the advice of a Certified Family Law Specialist. Be sure to contact Lisa Zonder, a traditional divorce, mediator and collaborative divorce attorney for legal advice regarding your divorce conflict resolution. Call (805) 777-7740 to schedule a consultation.