Divorce Coaching

Family Attorneys
Provide Divorce Coaching for Clients

If you have made the decision that you’d like to pursue a California divorce, you likely already understand that you are facing a difficult process.  No one looks forward to a divorce, and anyone who has gone through this process is always relieved when it is over.  While a divorce is difficult for just about anyone, there are options available to make it easier for those who decide to seek the help of  family attorneys who offer a wide array of divorce-related services.  One of those services offered by Zonder Family Law is the ability for a client to work with a divorce coach.  A brief description of what this type of help entails appears below.

The Basic Role of a Divorce Coach

The most foundational role of any divorce coach is to help you obtain a better understanding of your emotions as you experience them.  Doing so will give you an opportunity to better manage them so that they will not get in the way of what you need most during this time – sound judgment and the ability to listen to your family attorneys when they provide you with advice that needs to be followed.

In addition, a divorce coach will help you map out the process ahead of time so you can have a basic understanding of what to expect as the process moves forward.  This sort of knowledge will go a long way towards alleviating the stress and confusion that’s often a part of bringing about the end of a marriage.

How a Divorce Coach Works With family attorneys

It should be noted that unless otherwise stated, a divorce coach is not an attorney and does not represent clients.  However, a divorce coach will help you understand why your family attorney  is doing what they are doing and proceeding in a manner that may not be clear to you if you’ve never gone through this process.

In addition, the divorce coach will help you to be a more productive client by helping you understand the goals of your representation and how they work into the case that’s either about to be filed or that’s already been filed.  In short, a divorce coach will provide you with the background knowledge you need, the level of understanding that’s necessary to properly manage your emotions and with the confidant that most people need at some point during a California divorce.

If you are ready to file for a divorce but you’re unsure how you’ll make it all work, you need to seek the help of family attorneys who can provide you with an opportunity to work with a divorce coach.  Contact Zonder Family Law today in Ventura County to schedule an initial consultation.