Divorce Depositions: Bank Accounts, Investments & Retirement Accounts

Your lawyer may take your ex-spouse’s deposition to discover relevant and material facts, determine the best strategy for your case, and search his or her conscience with regards to specific issues that are relevant to your divorce proceedings.

The majority of divorce attorneys will almost always utilize divorce depositions as a tool in cases where bank accounts, investments and retirement accounts are a big issue.

Questions to Ask in Divorce Depositions Regarding Bank Accounts, Investments & Retirement Accounts

Your divorce attorney will ask the following questions when deposing your spouse about his or her bank accounts, investments and retirement accounts:

Retirement Investment and Retirement Accounts:

–          What specific retirement accounts do you have? IRA? SEP?

Non-Retirement Investment Accounts and Assets:

–          Do you have any of the following accounts and assets?

  1. Brokerage?
  2. Stock?
  3. Mutual funds?
  4. Treasury bonds?
  5. Cash?
  6. Coins?
  7. Gold?
  8. Silver?

Various Types of Bank Accounts

–          If you have a joint account with your spouse:

  1. Where and when was it created?
  2. What was the source of the original deposit into this account?
  3. Which one of you made deposits into this account?
  4. What was the source of these deposits?
  5. What did you and your spouse use this account for?
  6. What expenses were paid out of this account?
  7. Who controlled the account and/or who had access to the account?

–          How did you and/or your spouse pay for family expenses?

–          From which account(s) were family expenses paid?

–          Who was responsible for paying bills?

–          Did either you or your spouse have a separate account?

–          What was the reason for this separate account?

–          What expenses were paid from this account?

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