Divorce Mediation FAQ

Family law attorney, Lisa R. Zonder answers your questions about “mediated” divorce 

Are you looking for an alternative to a traditional court divorce? As a Ventura County and Conejo Valley divorce attorney, a good deal of my practice is devoted to helping couples work through a “mediated” divorce.

Here is a brief overview of this means of alternative dispute resolution. 

What are the key features of a mediated divorce?

A mediated divorce is:

  • Controlled by the parties. You and your soon-to-be-former spouse retain control over your case and the settlement negotiations; you manage the time and the cost of your divorce.
  • Presided over by a neutral “mediating attorney,” who guides the negotiations and helps the parties come to a fair and impartial resolution.
  • Focused on compromise and problem-solving, with the goal of resolving your issues and closing your case.
  • Private – negotiations are between you, your spouse and the mediator, not hashed out in open court.
  • Flexible, allowing you and your spouse to have “consulting lawyers” present to offer legal advice during the negotiations, or time off to consult with specialists (e.g., a forensic accountant), as needed.  

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Is a mediated divorce right for me?

A mediated divorce might be right for you if:

  • You both agree to sit down and work it out even if you don’t agree on all issues;
  • You and your spouse are treating each other with respect, speaking to one another, and willing to negotiate;
  • It will cost more to fight in court than to settle the financial issues at stake in your case;
  • You need utmost in privacy given your profession or occupation and it would be best to keep your matters out of the public record;
  • You and your spouse want to decide the terms of your divorce; you need a lawyer on a consulting basis to understand your legal rights to “check in” and to review a written agreement that memorializes those terms.

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