The Divorce Settlement Conference: Taking Control Promotes Success

Settlement Conference

All large counties in California require parties to attend a settlement conference before a divorce case will proceed to trial. Neither party has to request the conference, which could be taken as a sign of weakness. In order for the conference to be successful, your lawyer must take control from the outset.

What is a Settlement Conference?

Settlement conferences present both parties with a great opportunity to save money, decrease stress, and spend less time entangled in divorce proceedings. This may also be the best (and last) chance you have to reach a settlement.

Take this opportunity to make it happen by being prepared by hiring a divorce lawyer who will be aggressive enough to take control of the conference from the outset.

How to Take Control

Family attorneys take control of divorce settlement conferences in any one of the following ways:

  1. Becoming intimately familiar with the facts of the case and knowing exactly what laws the judge will apply and the manner in which it will be applied.
  2. Having earned the respect of the presiding judge and/or the other spouse’s divorce counsel in previous cases based on the quality and representation of their work.
  3. Knowing that control of the settlement conference will only come from an attorney who is polite to both the opposing counsel and as well as the ex-spouse. Slamming doors, acting obnoxiously and using threats are not effective ways to control the situation

Divorce is an emotional and stressful time for most divorcing couples. You can make this process more bearable and less traumatic by hiring family attorneys who are compassionate, yet aggressive and can get you what you deserve.