Enhanced Mediation Joint Sessions with Financial Professional

  • Have a business that needs to be appraised?
  • Have questions about whether you are entitled to trace separate monies that you used to pay for community property?
  • Used separate property monies to pay for community property improvements?
  • Have retirement accounts that need to be valued and divided?
  • Stock options to divide?
  • Stock to divide?
  • 401K?
  • Income available for support analysis? Cash flow analysis?
  • Want to review each client’s realistic budgets or the “need” for support?


If so, ask Lisa Zonder and her staff about the benefits of having a joint mediation session with an allied professional such as a CPA. Rather than having each client hire a “hired gun” professional for court, in the context of a mediation, you and your spouse can jointly decide to hire one joint neutral professional to attend and participate in the mediation session so as to streamline the costs and reduce the time spent going back and forth with the financial expert.

Lisa Zonder has successfully co-mediated cases with a neutral financial professional while she and her financial colleague can reduce fees during a c0-mediation to help you contain costs.