Factors Affecting Pension Valuation During a Divorce Proceeding

There are many factors that your lawyer should consider when valuing a pension plan during a divorce proceeding. Below is a summary of some of the most common factors that affect the valuation.

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Date of Retirement

The date a person will retire or plans to retire will have a direct effect on the present value of his or her pension plan. This is due to the fact that the earlier the beneficiary retires, the longer he or she will receive benefits. This, in turn, will significantly increase the present value of the pension plan.

It should also be noted that certain employers specify the age of retirement, making it much easier to value the pension plan. Additionally, divorce also affects retirement age because it may financially impair both couples, resulting in a much later retirement age. Your Ventura family attorney will consider all of these factors in determining the present value of your pension plan or your spouse’s for divorce purposes.

Pensioner’s Date of Birth

A beneficiary’s birth date is used to determine the anticipated length of pension payments. The longevity of the pensioner is also dependent on other factors, such as his or her racial lineage, overall health, and general fitness.

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