Finding Common Ground is Key to Successfully Dividing Marital Estate

Property division is often times the most contested and stressful issue in the divorce process that both the spouse and his or her attorney have to deal with. You and your spouse can make this stressful period go more smoothly by initiating the negotiation process by finding common ground that you can both agree upon.

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What Items Can Both Spouses Agree Upon?

Your family attorney will advise you to start the negotiation process by discussing the division of items that are basic, simple and perhaps even obvious. By starting with these items, your lawyer can reduce the polarity of you and your spouse and pave the way for future agreements.

When you and your spouse start the negotiation process discussing simple and basic items, such as a savings account, you will become acclimated to the idea that not everything associated with the divorce has to be a battle and end in a fight. Discussing the division of simple items will also provide an opportunity for your  family attorney to present a problem-solving method that you can use for the more difficult martial properties that you will need to divide.

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