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Zonder Family Law Group specializes in working with clients who have accumulated wealth during their marriage. Many of those we have guided through the divorce process are business owners, corporate and entertainment executives, and other high-net-worth families. Like you, they were faced with the complexities and intricacies that come with high-asset dissolutions.

The expert team at ZFLG serves as your Divorce Quarterback by making sure you have the right team of professionals in place to guide you through your divorce. As a professional, you know the value of having a strong team in your business. Utilizing a team in your divorce will offer a coordinated, streamlined approach to your case – thereby increasing the chances of a successful outcome and, ultimately, reducing time and costs.

Your team, led by your Divorce Quarterback, will help you navigate the many issues that can arise in high-asset divorces. Below are just a few of the issues where this type of help is critically important.

Divorce house property

Property & High Asset Divorce Division

If you are like many other people who are of high net worth, you may have your assets in different forms of holdings and in many different locations. Therefore, one of the most time-consuming steps in this process is making sure that all of these assets are properly disclosed and valued. This may require the help of high-asset divorce lawyers and financial professionals who will make sure that this process is handled properly.

Hidden Property & Assets

Unfortunately, there are also many situations that arise that involve one or even both of the spouses attempting to hide their separate property and assets that they do not want to be included in the marital estate. Some of these instances involve the honest belief that a particular asset is not part of the marital estate, but failing to disclose it can be a serious problem. Therefore, when it’s suspected that assets are being hidden, high-asset divorce lawyers can work with forensic accountants to locate these assets.

Business Valuation in a High Asset Divorce

Many California high asset divorce cases involve either the total or the partial ownership interest in a business by one or both of the spouses. When this situation arises, the ownership interest needs to have a value placed upon it so that it can be applied to the marital estate for the purpose of equitable asset distribution. Experts may be needed to perform this function such that both spouses can benefit from the value of that ownership under the standards set out by California law. ZFLG regularly partners with business valuation experts so that our clients’ businesses are properly valued.


Many people who are of high net worth are public figures of one sort or another. Therefore, news regarding their divorce could be harmful to their business interests and their personal reputations, particularly if a divorce of this nature becomes nasty in the eyes of the public. High asset divorce lawyers who have handled these cases in the past understand this reality and work with the parties involved in an effort to keep the process as discreet as possible. ZFLG routinely uses private judges and other out-of-court arbitrators so that your privacy remains intact throughout the divorce process.

Quarterbacking Your High Asset Divorce

In High Net Worth Divorces, ZFLG serves our clients as their Divorce Quarterback. We help you assemble a team of professionals who will holistically assess your case and guide you through the process. We endeavor to keep our clients out of court – whenever possible – and specialize in creating custom settlements designed to help you move forward to a good life after divorce.

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