How to Successfully Co-Parent

One of the most important issues that divorced couples usually need to deal with is how to raise their children in a post-divorce life. The best advice that attorney, Lisa Zonder, gives her divorced clients is to put their differences aside and co-parent their children.

In order to successfully co-parent, divorced parents should consider several important issues.

Shared Control

An important aspect of co-parenting is sharing the control of your children with your ex-spouse. You cannot, and should not, control every thing that your ex-spouse does in raising your children while they are in his or her care. For example, you cannot prevent your ex-spouse from taking your children to fast food restaurants. What you can do is to make sure they eat well while they are with you.

Your divorce lawyer will recommend that you refrain from controlling your ex-spouse in doing things the way you want them done. In other words, in order for co-parenting to work, you and your ex-spouse need to share control of your children.

However, the only situation where you need to take control and get involved is when your children’s welfare and safety are at issue. Only then will your family law attorney recommend that you step in and even get the court involved, if necessary.

Follow the Parenting Schedule

Another important factor in successful co-parenting is sticking with the schedule you and your ex-spouse committed to at the finalization of your divorce. Do not sacrifice your children’s well-being by disregarding the details of this schedule just to show your ex-spouse that you are in control of the parenting game. The only person who will suffer is your child. Remember, you are the most important person in your child’s life, and you should make him or her the most important person in yours.

We Can Help You Successfully Co-Parent

Co-parenting is not easy for divorced parents. But with the help of your divorce lawyer, you can make it work. For more information about how to successfully co-parent after divorce, please contact Zonder Family Law at (818) 309-7059.