Lisa Zonder to Serve as Chair of Collaborative Practice California

collaborative practice in california

Lisa Zonder is proud to serve as chair of the collaborative practice-california- 10th anniversary divorce professional’s statewide conference.

More than twenty years ago, a better way of resolving civil disputes was developed in the United States. In the Collaborative Practice method, participants are self-empowered with input from an integrated team of professionals to brainstorm and craft their own settlement agreements. Clients work together in a respectful way, keeping in mind the importance of protecting their children from conflict. Decisions are made by the participants without the involvement of a judge or other decision maker.

For roughly two decades now, the Collaborative process has been applied to divorce and family law, domestic partnerships and same sex marriages.

Ten years ago, Collaborative Practice professionals in California established a statewide organization of Collaborative Practice groups, called “Collaborative Practice California.” (CP Cal). CP Cal celebrates its 10th anniversary at its annual statewide conference April 24-26 in Los Angeles. Lisa Zonder is Chair of the April statewide conference.

Lisa Zonder is a member of three Collaborative practice groups. She is a member of LACFLA as well as Family Divorce Solutions of San Fernando Valley. She is also a member of The practice groups include Collaborative lawyers, mental health professionals who serve as divorce coaches, financial professionals and child specialists.

We have so much local professional talent working together to collaborate on peaceful divorces in the Southern California region. These professionals are hidden gems. Divorcing spouses who are tired of aggressive attorney rhetoric should give Collaborative Divorce a serious look.