Mediation and Divorce

Mediation, which is an alternate method of resolving disputes without a trial, can be quite beneficial during the divorce process, because parties who are actively involved in divorce settlements are more likely to positively advance through the “post-divorce world” and abide by the terms and provisions they have agreed upon. People who play an active role in developing the post-divorce world are more invested in reaching successful, non-confrontational outcomes than those who have had their future decided by a court. This is particularly important in cases that involve children.

Think about the fact that, even though your marriage did not work out, you and your former spouse will be forever connected by your children. Thus, it is important for you both to be able to function together and get along for the sake of those children. Mediation can make your divorce a lot easier to live with, both in the present and well into the future. To start the mediation process, you should contact a competent Ventura family law mediation attorney to assist you.

The logistics of mediation can differ extensively from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and they are almost always controlled by local rules, practices and customs. In a number of jurisdictions, mediation is mandatory in all disagreements involving custody and visitation. Additionally, there are times in which mediation is used to discuss economic issues, but this is typically done by agreement of the parties, not by rule or court order.

Mediations are normally conducted by a person who is referred to as the mediator. He or she is often an attorney who has specific knowledge in family law and who has taken a training course to become certified as a mediator. In some jurisdictions, mediation involves only the parties and the mediator; however, in others, the divorce attorneys of the parties are actively involved in the mediation process, as well. Witnesses will not testify during the mediation, but you and your divorce attorney should have a good idea of what key witnesses would say should the case actually go to trial.

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