Divorce Mediation Attorney

We’ve all heard or experienced the traumatic tales experienced by parents, friends, or colleagues going through a Family Court divorce. The court system is overburdened and fiscally impacted due to staff layoffs, court closures, and insufficient time to hear all the important information on the witness stand. Recent accounts are that 40% or more of a family court judge’s caseload involves domestic violence matters.

In addition, litigation through the court is often very expensive. For many couples, a mediated divorce can reduce costs, save time, and decrease the emotional impact when compared to litigation.

As your Divorce Quarterback, the team at Zonder Family Law Group often collaborates with allied professionals such as financial experts, divorce coaches, and other professionals to gain a 360-degree view of your case and settlement options. Utilizing an enhanced team approach in divorce mediation is especially important for high-net-worth clients or those with complex custody or financial issues.

Mother spending time with her son after a divorce

Peacemaking and Community Learning

In addition to being a Ventura County divorce mediation lawyer and divorce mediator with over 30 years of legal experience, mediator Lisa Zonder has completed over 100 hours of divorce mediation training including advanced mediation and Collaborative Divorce training. Having successfully concluded countless private divorce mediations and volunteer court mediations, Zonder Family Law Group wishes to support clients to resolve seemingly intractable conflicts in more creative ways.

As a family law peacemaker, Ms. Zonder volunteered her time as a divorce mediator at the Van Nuys Family Court, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Ventura Superior Courts because she is committed to helping families find peaceful solutions for financial and custody disagreements. As an attorney educator, Ms. Zonder volunteers her time as a lecturer for divorce education workshops across Southern California because she wants men and women to be fully informed about divorce laws and all available options for getting through divorce.

Continued Legal Education and Divorce Mediation Training

Ongoing legal education and divorce mediation training are critical. In addition to attending the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers seminars yearly, Ms. Zonder has taken over 100 hours of divorce mediation and Collaborative Divorce training. Ms. Zonder has received advanced training as a Collaborative Divorce practitioner and took advanced Mediation training at Pepperdine University Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution in Malibu and through AIM in Los Angeles.

Zonder Family Law Group's Divorce Mediation and Dispute Resolution Experience

Property issues

  • Division of real properties including family residence, investment properties, business interests, personal, and intangible property
  • Division of business interests including medical practices, law practices, dental practices, and financial services practices
  • Division of pensions, 401K, stock options, stock, and other retirement investments
  • Complex marital estates

Custody issues and support matters

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support or alimony
  • Modification of support or custody

Marital agreements

  • Premarital agreements

Post-judgment issues

  • Modification of support if jobs or salaries change
  • Modification of custody as children get older and circumstances change

FAQs for Consultation for Mediation

When Divorce Mediation is Not the Best Fit

Divorce mediation is not the best fit for all divorces and family law disputes.

The following situations may not be best for private divorce mediation:

  • Disagreements regarding the use of a divorce mediation process
  • Unfair or dishonest private mediation
  • Unwilling to agree on child custody & child support
  • Spousal support agreements
  • Contractual disputes
  • Employment conflicts
  • Power imbalances including domestic violence
  • Financial abuse
  • Inability to consider the other spouse’s viewpoint
  • One or both clients is uncomfortable advancing their proposals or voicing them

Contact a Knowledgeable Family Law Attorney for a Divorce Mediation Consultation

This information is provided for general educational purposes only. It is not intended as specific legal advice for any particular case.

For more specific information, please contact Zonder Family Law Group’s divorce mediators for a consultation. If you are in Santa Barbara or Ventura County, call 805-777-7740. If you are in Los Angeles County, call 818-877-0001. ZFLG’s mediators are deeply committed to helping clients resolve the conflicts that arise in the course of the divorce.