Is Your Attorney “Trial Ready”?

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Choosing to retain a family law attorney who is settlement focused but trial ready is an invaluable decision.

While only about 4% of family law matters in California actually go to trial, it is important to note that every case has the potential for some form of court intervention.

Being prepared, ready, and able to proceed to trial is the best way to resolve a case.

So What Does “Trial Ready” Mean?

“Trial ready” means exactly what it says, the ability to proceed to trial on a family law matter. A trial ready family law attorney will have shaped the case for trial from day one to assure that the intended trial plan is fully integrated in all phases of the case.

Yet, not all family law attorneys establish a trial plan or are prepared to argue in front of a judge. Unfortunately, a lack of preparation is a common complaint from clients and judges alike in family law representation.

Trial ready family law attorneys have a unique skill set that sets them apart from other legal practitioners.

Skill and Experience

Preparing a legal strategy is complicated. Every consideration and decision must raise the same question: how will this help at trial?

Family law issues often involve a combination of complicated legal procedures and emotional distress. A trial ready attorney has knowledge of the law, a clear understanding of the facts and evidence he or she intends to use, a strategy as to how to best use those facts and evidence, and clearly defined goals.


A trial ready attorney is honest with you about both the strengths and weaknesses of your case so that you can work together to devise a strategic approach to achieve optimal results. You don’t go to the doctor only to hear the good news – you want the whole story. Why should it be any different with your legal representation?


The best family law attorneys help their clients manage the difficult emotions that they may experience during their case. A trial ready attorney is also calm and composed at all times, even at times of extreme crisis, so that he or she does not lose his or her ability to negotiate or argue.

Why Should I Retain a Trial Ready Family Law Attorney?

Because settlement is NEVER Guaranteed. 

While it’s true that most family law matters do not proceed to trial, having attorneys in your corner who are ready for trial gives you an important advantage. When opposing attorneys know an attorney can and will take a case to trial, they may be more willing to make fair and reasonable settlement offers.

Trial readiness is a sound legal strategy.

A trial ready family law attorney is well-versed in litigation tactics and procedures so that he or she is able to achieve results in many cases before trial that would not have been achieved if he or she hadn’t been preparing the case for trial from the start.

And if settlement is unattainable, he or she is wholly prepared to argue your case in front of a judge.

That’s why our motto is: “Settlement Minded. Ready for Trial!”