Weathering the Storm

Ventura divorce lawyer Gives Advice on Weathering the Storm of Your Divorce

Divorce is a trying time adding more stress and uncertainty to your life. Rather than going it alone by keeping to yourself or engaging in activities that you may later regret, use this opportunity to define yourself and your life going forward. You are starting a new chapter in your life, so utilize the correct tools to help fill the pages with good content. With proper counsel and good advice, you can minimize the stress and uncertainty of divorce, and you can capitalize on the positive opportunities to assist you in reaching goals you set for yourself and your children.

When you find yourself facing divorce, take the time to find a trusting an experienced divorce lawyer as your first step in weathering the storm. Now is also the time to consider what is important in your life and how to preserve it.

The most delicate aspect of a divorce is making sure you are strong enough to offer the necessary emotional and mental support for your children. The emotional toll of the divorce on your children very much depends on attitudes and outlooks that you and your spouse control. Maintaining an open dialogue with your children about your divorce is very important. By monitoring and managing the way your children think about divorce, you can reduce or eliminate these negative emotions.

Equally as important is your emotional and mental well-being, which may very well have a negative effect on your children. You need to realize that this is a tough time for you. You are endeavoring many changes in your life. You need to take things slowly and think before making any life-altering decisions. Consider the benefits of a well trained therapist. This is the time that you need to take your of yourself; if you don’t, no one else will.

Lisa Zonder, dedicated divorce lawyer, understands how difficult and stressful divorce proceedings are. She will not only be your legal representative who will ensure you get your fair share, but she will also provide you with the emotional and mental support that you need throughout this entire process. To arrange for your initial Strategy Session, please fill-out the form on this page.