What a High-Asset Divorce Attorney Can Do for Your Case

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High-asset divorces typically involve marital assets of $1 million or greater, not including real properties and businesses.  While many couples in Southern California have estates of over a million dollars when factoring in their primary residence, relatively few have liquid assets of seven figures or more.

Consequently, most family law attorneys are poorly versed in the complexities of high-asset divorce.  If you have accumulated a large estate and are considering or in the process of a divorce, it is essential to work with a lawyer who has expertise in high-net-worth dissolutions.

Here are a few of examples of what an experienced high-asset divorce attorney can do for your case.

A high-asset divorce attorney can…help prevent emotional self-sabotage

A high-asset divorce does not mean the couple has to endure a “War of the Roses” experience.  Nor does it necessarily require a drawn-out court battle which depletes both your finances and your emotions.  In fact, an experienced high-asset divorce attorney can help to preserve your wealth and your sanity.

While your family law attorney should not serve as your therapist, a good lawyer knows how to set realistic expectations with their client and can guide them through the uncertainties of the divorce process.  They can also explain how the law will affect the particulars of the case in a way that helps the client understand that what they feel they are entitled to is not necessarily what they are entitled to achieve.  Emotional justice is expensive and often unattainable.

Lastly, a high-asset divorce attorney will work with their client when they want to act rashly or feel the impulse to settle their case prematurely.

A high-asset divorce attorney can…help you achieve a satisfactory property division 

Two common errors made in high-asset divorces are attempting to take or, conversely, giving away more money than you should.  In the first instance, one spouse may try to hide or depreciate the marital assets to prevent the other from receiving their share.  In the second, some spouses may feel inclined to “give away the farm” and settle for much less than they deserve.

Your attorney should propose various settlement options which provide a fair resolution.  They can also help you to assert your rights and keep you on track if you are inclined to make a decision which could be detrimental to your future.  And if your spouse is attempting to prevent you from getting what you are rightfully due, your high-asset attorney can explore methods to hold them accountable.

A high-asset divorce attorney can…thoroughly handle the financial complexities of your case

High-asset divorces typically involve complex financial issues.  The values of businesses, properties, and investments must all be examined by using accepted methodologies.  Taxes and support payments also require careful consideration.  Retirement accounts, stock options, and RSUs can be potential landmines in divorce.  A skilled attorney will help you navigate the monetary aspects of your case.

Your attorney should also look at the long-term financial implications of various settlement options.  What seems like a fair division of property today may not be the best choice for your tomorrow.  Look for an attorney who will review your options with you and create strategizes which help you move toward your future.

A high-asset divorce attorney can…facilitate and coordinate with your team of advisors

Most people do not acquire wealth without working with trusted advisors.  It should be no different in your divorce.  A high-asset divorce attorney knows how to collaborate with your team of professionals to create a roadmap for your divorce and life afterward.

Your lawyer should look at your divorce holistically and coordinate with your CPAs, Financial Advisors, and other members of your professional team.  If you are looking for new advisors, especially if your spouse is the one who has handled the financial aspects of your marriage, a good attorney will help you assemble your team.  They will also have a deep rolodex of forensic accountants, real estate professionals, business valuators, and even mental health providers who they regularly work alongside.

Guidance on Your High-Asset Divorce from a Southern California Family Law Firm

If you have a large marital estate, finding a family law attorney who specializes in high-asset divorce is critical.  If you would like to learn how our office can provide guidance on any California family law issues you are facing in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties, contact the Zonder Family Law Group office today at 805-777-7740.  Don’t wait to start the next chapter of your life.