Why Choose Zonder Family Law Group

Why Choose Us?

Zonder Family Law was founded in 2003, with the goal of making a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives by offering creative options for resolving conflicts. Having been through the divorce process, we understand that choosing a Ventura County divorce attorney and mediator is the first of many difficult and personal decisions you will make during this emotional process. We know you have many choices. Here are just a few of the ways Zonder Family Law stands out from the pack:

Tailored legal services to fit your particular situation

Depending on your personal circumstances, there are many different ways to handle your divorce. You may opt for a traditional (court) divorce using a lawyer to lawyer negotiation, a mediated divorce, a Collaborative Divorce. We have extensive experience in all these forms of conflict resolution. Our practice is focused on “peacemaking” which is to say, that we focus on keeping your divorce out-of-court.

Why Family Law Is So Important to Me

I have been through a divorce, so I can relate to many of the things you are feeling. My message is this: Life goes on after divorce – and, as hard as this may be right now, positive things will also unfold.

It is important to remember that you will get through this, and that you are not alone. I knew very early in life that I wanted to be a lawyer.

I began my career handling general civil cases involving business and money disputes. After watching my mentor work with her clients on a more personal level doing family law, I realized that I could make a meaningful difference in the lives of couples and families going through the emotionally wrenching process of divorce. I have never looked back.

In 1999, I was certified by the State Bar of California as a Specialist in Family Law, and in 2003, I founded Zonder Family Law.

Sincerely, Lisa

Specialized services and expertise

Over the course of almost 20 years as a practicing family attorney, we have developed a sophisticated understanding of how to work seamlessly with valuation experts to value and divide complicated asset valuation issues. If, for example, your divorce will require the valuation of your interest in the family business or retirement plans , or the valuation of a professional practice (e.g., a law practice, medical practice or dental practice), we are able to quickly identify points of contention and strategically partner with reputable forensic accountants and other experts to get the matter resolved. Lisa Zonder is a certified family law specialist (State Bar CA, Bd. Legal Specialization), a divorce attorney available to help with drafting premarital (also call pre-nuptial) agreements. In the role as Attorney-Mediator, we also provide private dispute resolution services for clients who wish to engage a neutral or facilitative Mediator. We have served as a privately compensated temporary judge.

Compassionate and client-centered

From our very first meeting, we will work to protect your interests, and will do so with the utmost integrity. This means that we will work toward all of the following: respect your privacy and maintain the confidentiality of the divorce proceedings. We work to respect your dignity and will work efficiently, in an effort to keep costs down. We take a whole-family view of divorce, and will bring that focus to every aspect of your case, with the goal of reaching a divorce agreement that you and your family can live with long after the papers are signed.

Access and availability

A divorce, by its very nature, is stressful. We will not add frustration to this process. We respond promptly to phone calls and emails. When you want to meet with us, we are happy to schedule a personal meeting.

Relentless advocate on your behalf

In our experience as a Ventura County divorce attorney, the best results often can be achieved by a negotiated settlement. However, that is not always the case. If tensions rise, or the issues are complicated or require a unique or creative solution, we are prepared to take your case to a judge. Even when a trial is the best option, we will continue to negotiate and advocate on your behalf, in an effort to reduce the number of issues that must be tried. Fewer issues to be tried means you have greater control over the outcome and the cost of your divorce.